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What is the difference between Enduro and Classic road tours?




Classic Road tours

Motorcycle type

Light enduro

Tourist Motorcycle


Mountain areas of Georgia, nature and cultural points of interest, less known and hard to get to places.

Different areas of Georgia and it's main tourist points.


Dirt roads, forest and field roads, sometimes areas without any roads whatsoever. Paved roads, asphalt, only to cross regions.

Mainly asphalt, good quality dirt-roads.


Before every Enduro trip we go into a trial field where we determine the level of skill of every participant. After we tailor the route according to the lowest skill level of the group. Such that everyone has fun on the route and everyone can handle it. If you want to go through a tough route, try to gather the same skill level group of riders.


Motorcycle Endorsement in Drivers License

Physical Loads

Hard, because of that it's better to be in good shape.

Low to Medium, there are no special requirements to the physical shape.


What equipment do I need?

The presence of protective equipment is a prerequisite for participation in all our tours.

Optimal for Enduro: Helmet, mask, turtle, knee pads, motorcycle boots, trousers, Jersey, gloves, raincoat, backpack with a Hydrator.

For road tours: Helmet, suit for touring, boots, gloves, raincoat.

For all one-day tours, a set of equipment is included in the price. For multi-day trips, you can rent equipment (specify the size and availability) or bring your own!

What should I take on the tour?

Passport, medical insurance, driver's license with category "A", money, bank card.

2 sets of thermal underwear, woolen socks, gloves, cap comforter, light shoes, rain suit, jacket, shorts, swimming trunks, underwear, personal hygiene items.

Can I go with a passenger?

Yes, you can. But only if you have experience of traveling with a passenger on a heavy touring motorcycle. The cost of the tour for the passenger is calculated individually

Do I need a driver's license?

For all road tours, a category A driver's license is required.

You can go on an enduro tour without rights. However, the participant must inform the organizers in advance. In addition, category B rights and driving experience with a manual transmission are necessary.

Where will we live?

We usually stay in family-run hotels and guest houses with double occupancy. Their level varies depending on the region.

Also, at the request of the group, we can organize overnight stays in tents. We have all the necessary equipment to make it as comfortable as possible.

How will meals be organized?

Food in Georgia is one of the main attractions. Therefore, we will eat a lot and varied.

Breakfast: usually ordered from the owners of the hotel where stay

Lunch: depending on our schedule - stop in a proven cafe on the road, or restrict ourselves to a snack on the way

Dinner: Georgian restaurants / field cuisine (optional)

What is the best season for a trip?

In our experience, any time from April to November will be successful! All months are good in their own way, although they have pros and cons:

Spring is clear air and good visibility. Still a lot of snow makes the mountains very beautiful, but many high mountain passes are closed for this reason. If it rains, get ready for the cold.

Summer is the time to go to the highest mountains. Of the minuses: often low clouds, excessive heat and dusty roads.

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year! But it is worth considering that the trip can be overshadowed by rains, which are enough at this time. Hard to find, on the other hand more beautiful landscape than the Georgian mountains after rain, when the peaks are covered with fresh snow, the forest plays with colors, and the air is crystal clear and fresh.

Should we take a support car?

This is fully up to the group. Note that all of the necessary things like: personal care items, tools, spare parts, med kit, snacks – easily fit into motorcycle luggage and don't weigh more than 10 kilos.

Reasons to take support car:

- Camping – support car easily fits table, chairs, camping tents, kitchen, and other camping equipment which comes in handy to make camping more comfortable in any place.

- Support group – friends or family, who choose comfort over adventure, can come on a tour in the car. We can organize a side tour for them.

- If you're not sure in your abilities to the fullest, or you have old traumas that can prevent you from continuing a trip on the bike – a tour can be continued on the car, a motorcycle will come along.

How to get to Kutaisi?

From Europe to Kutaisi, flights with Wizz Air and Ryan Air

From Russia all flights are temporarily canceled. Because of that, one will have to travel through Europe or a neighboring country to Tbilisi or Batumi and then transfer to Kutaisi. We can help with transfers from Tbilisi or Batumi.

Also we offer transfers from Vladikavkaz, Russia, airport. This way could save you some money, also include a drive on a beautiful Military-Georgian road. On a cuntruary, this is a long drive, and can be very tiring.

How to book and pay the tour?

To verify the participation in a tour and save a spot, we request a 25% down payment from the price of the tour. Rest of the shall be paid upon arrival.

You can cancel participation in the tour up to 60 days prior to the beginning. In this case down payment will be refunded in full.

Can I have an Individual Tour?


With our great pleasure we will develop an individual tour for you based on your preferences and wishes. We can include a whole spectrum of different activities into our tour, like, rafting, walking tours, chilling on a beach, rock climbing and many more upon your request. Anything and everything is possible!

Most of our time we spend in Georgia, because of that we know very well different touristic places, hidden pathways and hard to reach gems. In multi-active tours we work only with proven professional guides, trusting in us you are guaranteed to have quality and save vacation!

What currency should I bring to Georgia?

Lari(GEL) is the local currency. It will come in handy, because c. cards are not accepted everywhere. Cash is the king in this country!

USD, Euro and Rubbles can be exchanged anywhere – except exchange points on the border, their rate is outrageous!

You can always use ATMs to withdraw some Lari anywhere.

What's the cheapest way to get cash? It really depends on your bank's rates and currency exchange points.

Cellular reception and Internet

There are three main cellular providers here: Magti, Beeline and GeoCell.

Magti is the most expensive one, but it's coverage is the best in the country!

To buy a sim-card you'll need a passport. It takes around 15 minutes to buy and activate a sim card. Prices are fairly low. First day of the tour we can buy a sim-card for the whole group.

Wi-Fi can be easily found in guest houses, hotels and hostels. With that you practically don't need to have a sim-card.