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MotoHurma was founded by professional riders and travelers. We traveled half the world and stopped in Georgia to discover this incredible land for you! We found the best way for this - off-road motorcycles. After all, the most interesting thing begins far from the asphalt roads.

We are based in Kutaisi - the economic and historical center of Western Georgia. Due to the large number of climatic zones the territory of the region is extremely diverse: the whole world extends in miniature from moist subtropics to the glaciers of the Caucasus. Moreover, proximity to the Black Sea softens the climate of the region: the average temperature in January (the coldest month) + 5C °. And this means that you don't have to close the motorcycle season here.

In the cold season (December-March) motorcycles can be combined with a ski. And in the warm season (April-November) - with a rest on the sea, trekking in the mountains, rafting, jipping and other activities.

There are hundreds of natural and archaeological monuments in the vicinity of Kutaisi. Most of them can be reached as part of a day tour.

We are waiting for you! To share a passion for Georgia and motorcycles. 

Ivan Kozlachkov - the organizer of the project MotoHurma, guide
Professional kayaker! He represents Russia at the world extreme kayaking competitions.

He won the "Malabar river festival" in India and now bears the title "Rapid Raja" (King of the Rapids)

Visited all the continents where you can jump on a boat from waterfalls.
He also enjoys snowboarding, motorcycles, crossfit, geography and history.

As it seems to us, he rides enduro only for the purpose of searching for new rivers and beautiful views.

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Lisa Prozorova– PR Manager, photographer, designer and Muse of the project organizer 
 The last 8 years she spent traveling around the world.
Visited beautiful New Zealand, poor Zimbabwe, dangerous South Africa and other remote countries where there is good kayaking! )))
Prefer to spend most of she's time in spiritual Georgia.
In addition to enduro, loves snowboarding, cats and dogs))

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Sergey Darovskikh - the leading guide at MotoHurma. 
Gets off the bike only in extreme cases!
Drove more than 120,000 km in 3 years on beloved Africa Twin.

Once he traveled in Russia for 45 days without an exact route and no idea where he needed to come ...

He has the certificate of a lifeguard, industrial climber and the fame of a funny guy - he loves to taste new varieties of wines, though in the morning may not always remember their names!

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Alexey Sklyar – mechanic, driver. 
Motorcyclist and Moto-traveler who has traveled almost all of Russia, as well as Central Asia, Europe and Transcaucasia 
Can fix any equipment any equipment with improvised means in the forest, in the mountains, and even in the desert!  
Worked as a mechanic on the Silk Road rally, designed and assembled several race cars to participate in survival contests, and enjoys car audio. 

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